Prices: Waterfowl


Puddle Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Blue-winged Teal Call
Green-winged Teal Call
American Wigeon Call
Gadwall Call
Wooduck Call
Mallard Call
Other Puddle Ducks Call

Diver Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Bufflehead Call
Ring-necked Duck(Ringbill) Call
Lesser Scaup (Bluebill) Call
Redhead Call
Goldeneye Call
Canvasback Call
Other Diving Ducks Call

Sea Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Squaws Call
Scoters Call
Harlequins Call
Common Eider Call
King Eider Call
Other Sea Ducks Call

Geese (Standing or Flying)

Ross's Goose Call
Cackler Call
Blue Goose Call
Snow Goose Call
Specklebelly Goose Call
Greater Canada Goose Call
Other Geese Call

Swan Mounts

Tundra Swan Neck Mount Call
Standing Tundra Swan Call
Flying Tundra Swan Call

Habitat Options

Small Sized Driftwood Call
Medium Sized Driftwood Call
Large Sized Driftwood Call
Panels Call
Dioramas Call
Habitat Scenes Call
Glass Cases Call
Coffee and End Tables Call

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