Prices: Waterfowl


Puddle Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Blue-winged Teal $350.00
Green-winged Teal $350.00
American Wigeon $375.00
Gadwall $375.00
Wooduck $375.00
Mallard $375.00
Other Puddle Ducks Call

Diver Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Bufflehead $350.00
Ring-necked Duck(Ringbill) $375.00
Lesser Scaup (Bluebill) $375.00
Redhead $375.00
Goldeneye $375.00
Canvasback $375.00
Other Diving Ducks Call

Sea Ducks (Standing or Flying)

Squaws $395.00
Scoters $395.00
Harlequins $450.00
Common Eider $455.00
King Eider $495.00
Other Sea Ducks Call

Geese (Standing or Flying)

Ross's Goose $450.00
Cackler $450.00
Blue Goose $450.00
Snow Goose $450.00
Specklebelly Goose $450.00
Greater Canada Goose $695.00
Other Geese Call

Swan Mounts

Tundra Swan Neck Mount Call
Standing Tundra Swan $850.00
Flying Tundra Swan $950.00

Habitat Options

Small Sized Driftwood $35.00
Medium Sized Driftwood $45.00
Large Sized Driftwood $55.00
Panels Call
Dioramas Call
Habitat Scenes Call
Glass Cases Call
Coffee and End Tables Call

Rich Brunell

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