Taxidermy Gallery: Fish

Winnepig Walleye - Painted to Pop!

White Bass - Driftwood

Walleyes - Pro Series

Walleye Reverse Bend

Walleye - Reverse Bend

Walleye - Octogon Pedestal

Walleye - Base Paint

Valley City ND Walleye

Two Trophies

Two Pound Perch

Three Feeding Northerns

Tagged ND Walleye

Swimming Walleye

Swimming Northern

Swimming Northern - Tail Out

Swimming Largemouth Bass

Swimming - Walleye

Swimming - Northern Pike

Sunfish Double

Sunfish - Reverse Bend

Sunfish - Pro Series

Sunfish - Driftwood -Weeds

Striking Largemouth Bass

Seven Pound Walleye

Pro Series Walleyes

Pro Series Swimming Perch

Pro Series Striking Largemouth

Pro Series Perch Mount

Pro Series Northern with Weeds

Pro Series Largemouth

Pro Series Lake Winnepig Walleye

Pro Series Lake Winnepig Walleye!

Pro Series Crappie

Pro Series - Walleyes

Pro Series - Northern Pike

Pro Series - Crappie

Pre-Spawn - Northern Piked

Postion - S Bend

Perch - Pro Series

Perch - Driftwood

Pedestal Swimming Perch

Open Mouth - Finished Back - Scale Tipping

On the Chase

Northern Pike Mount

Northern Pike - Oak Habitat

Northern Pike - Driftwood

Northern Pike - Diarama

Northern - Driftwood

Mouth Closed Walleye

Mouth Closed Perch

Male - Sunfish

Largemouth Bass Glass Case

Largemouth Bass - Top Water

Largemouth Bass - Going Down

Largemouth - Mouth Half Open

Lake Winnepig Greenback

Lake Winnepig Greenback - 2 Sided

Feeding Crappies

Double Sided Walleye

Diarama Base - Northern Pike

Diarama Habitat - Walleye Mount

Crappies - Reverse Bends

Crappie Stringer Mounts

Crappie Jig Catch

Big Belly Northern Pike

Base Series - Schooling Perch

3 Perch - Driftwood

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